Young Emmett Kelly
Every morning he’d put it on, out of habit
His potential was ignored, out of habit
And in the mirror he worshipped, What he thought they’d adore

And everyday he cried about the day, About the day before

And every day he became more and more, The part of the sad clown
Till tears filled his Ghetto mask, and he drowned
And everyday he cried about the day, About the day before

He never realized he was beautiful, created in the image of God
Yet living in the vertigo, of the fall of man
Till caught by Jesus Christ, who wipes away the tears and washes the makeup
Of the sad clown.

And everyday he cried about God’s grace shown the day before

Chasing my Tail
Oh when I am a rich man, he can’t tell me anything.
I go around from land to land, spreading youthful wisdom.
Infecting the inhabitants a sundering Dionysius.
Who dashes himself on the masses.

Till his ears are cleaned and he’s quarantined.
To his tattered throne and his deadbolt home.

Unable to sit till the pain it subsides.
Unable to see till the tears they clear.
Unable to hear till the blood runs down his ears.
Oblivious to the damage done.

Grandiose dreams in the night.
Ignoring the Son, till even delusional shadows are washed away.
Why won’t he let me dream, just a thought or an image.
That would have could have should have been.

I wanted to fly, yet He makes me walk.
And how can I get there this way?
Much rather keep the crowd at bay just laying in my slum covered castle.
Eating mouse I call steak, and mold I call cake.

Chasing my imaginary tail in the throne room of my mind.

Unwilling to leave sovereignty behind.
Because imagined crown is not so heavy
And the road I am on is not so long.
As far as I can see with covered eyes.

“Who is that man? With his head in his hands?
Emaciated sitting roadside rocking.
No robe, no crown, no ring. Yet muttering.
‘I am a king…I am a king…I am a king…'”

Flying Free
Everything slowly fades.
The pain leaves my heavy heart.
Lightness grows deep within my soul.
My head hurt before but now it’s anew.

Floating Far from the firmament;
Detached from flesh flying free.

The bondage of the body silences screams.
Audible only from above. The time to scream has left.
Now it’s time feel the pain disappear.

Floating Far from the firmament;
Detached from flesh flying free.

Further up I go. The storm clouds below just a means to grow.
One last look, time to go.

Up up in the Father’s will.
I see now why man’s not meant to fly.
But high above the earth he takes me
to where I could not be on my own.

Where he takes me I can now see
what I could not see from below.
Flying on my own I fell, but falling with faith I flew.

I know not where I fly, no map or lamp or sign.
Just go where God goes and see what
God shows and watch God’s grace, as it grows.


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